Green Cleaners For Wood Furniture

Almost every home contains at least one piece of wood furniture and in most cases, wood furniture makes up the majority of our living pieces. This is because wood is both durable, beautiful and today’s wood furniture is often sustainable. So how do you keep your wood beautiful and durable without disrespecting that sustainable feature? You can successfully clean wood furniture in a green way and still maintain the beauty of your furniture. By using an old homespun formula for a wood cleaner and polish, you will be able to help your furniture maintain its moisture with a soft shine and natural glow. These formulas are especially wonderful for antiques and will keep the natural look for your finer old pieces. The best part is that most of the ingredients you need are likely in your cabinet already.

Whether you have a brand new prized wood furniture piece or you just want to begin cleaning your existing pieces in a green fashion, the first step is to get rid of surface dirt and old polish that have developed and accumulated over time. Furniture that’s been kept in storage will probably have a layer of debris, mold or grime that requires removal. It is important to clean it well but to also be cautious not to wipe any gritty soil into the wood surface. You can avoid this by sweeping away the loose dirt lightly with a soft broom. If the piece of furniture is wicker, rattan cane or carved wood, use a vacuum with a brush attachment first. This process will get rid of any surface debris that has collected.

Spray-on and rub on furniture polish can build up over time and dull the shine of your wood furniture. This can also make it more difficult to deep clean. To remove that layer of old polish you can boil two cups of water with two teabags. Let the water cool to room temperature as hot water will likely warp and permanently damage your furniture. Dampen a rag with the tea-water mixture and clean your wood furniture. Rubbing down the wood furniture, the tea will remove the dirt and built-up polish easily and without using chemicals.

For wood floors or for making large quantities of cleaner for a bunch of wood furniture, some folks use vinegar mixed with water. This is made by combining two cups of vinegar per gallon of water and whipping vigorously. This is a cleansing solvent that dries speedily and attractively. You can also add natural olive oil to the mix also, about 1 tablespoon. If you decide to add olive oil, bear in mind that oil and water don’t mix, so keep your whisk convenient to agitate the cleaner as you are using it.

Keeping your cleaning green can also be accomplished by using a soft cotton cloth dipped into that same mixture. Use the cloth by rubbing the wood all over gently and until dry. The cloth should be heavy with your green clean formula. You can use one cloth to wet and one cloth to dry. Not only does this help to loosen dirt from the furniture, it adds moisture to the wood as well. If you have a damaged area or a dry spot in the wood, the damaged area should be pre-moistened to avoid additional damage while cleaning. It is best to add moisture and improve the condition of the wood by rubbing a small amount of olive oil into the spot and letting it sit for a few hours before cleaning it.

Your furniture should have a nice, warm satin appearance after the first application. Utilizing this method every time will allow you to recondition the furniture. This is a simple, efficient formula for green cleaning and conditioning solid wood furniture. Remember that this formula only works on actual wood. Coated woods, veneers, MDF, or vinyl coated materials won’t respond to this formula.

The fruits of your green cleaning labor will be better-looking wood furniture that you and your family will relish for years to come. Likewise by using these tips you will be able to clean and condition solid wood furniture while adding to a green life style.